Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Beijing, China (Trans-Mongolian Terminus), part 1

Beijing is definitely an assault on the senses, but beautiful and exhilarating and fantastic. It's loud, and people really are spitting everywhere, constantly. Sometimes it's dirty and smelly, and then you come across a gorgeous temple, or stumble upon a group of older people having a sing-along in the park. We made it to all the big sights, forbidden city, Tianenmen square, summer palace, great wall etc. It all lives up to the hype, and the superlatives don't do it justice. Many pictures to follow. Maybe more words too.

We finally are able to use all the google products we have become so dependent on (email, maps, docs, blogger). Google is always blocked here (for refusing to play along and censor) but this week with the changeover of power in the government it is extra restricted. Also, we were looking for the China Lonely Planet/Rough Guide here, but they only have locally published books. I wonder what kind of alternate history we could be learning?

- Bree

Our first night we stumbled upon a crowd watching dancers outside this theatre. The crowd dispersed revealing this wooden statue.
Matt says it's not cheating as long as I don't sleep with another cat.  

Inside the Forbidden City, Beijing.

One of many thrones in one of many palaces.

Ceiling decoration in the Forbidden City.

Forbidden City, Beijing.
Dragon boats on Kunming Lake. 
Sun setting at the Summer Palace in Beijing.