Wednesday, April 3, 2013

182.621099 Days

We've officially been on the road for half a year now! We've come across travelers who've been away much longer and have no end in sight, but I feel very accomplished with what we've done. We've seen, learned, and experienced so much.

Could I do another 6 months? Absolutely. We've become very accustomed to living out of a bag with just a small amount of bare necessities (and some not so necessary). However, we are now in the home stretch. We have to go through part of SE Asia faster than we'd like and are skipping places we know we'd like to see. But we can't see everything, and despite our ability to spend very little on a day-to-day basis, our bank account is starting to look pretty sad. 

We've still got a month, which before this trip would have seemed like an enormous amount of time. It is all relative. We've become the sort of lazy traveler that tends to add a day or two to each place we like. We really enjoy walking the streets of whatever town or city we are in and attempting to see the place from the point of view of the people who inhabit it, experiencing both the mundane and the exotic. And we like it that way. 

- Matt 

Now (day 181).
Then (day 19).  
We've sent the 2 duffel bags home, had to replace one backpack (twice), sent a box of stuff home, left a trail of castoffs in every city, got more stuff, and then sent even more stuff home. We think we are carrying about half the weight we set out with. It's funny how things start to be valued first by their weight, then by their size, then finally their utility.