Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chitwan, Nepal, part 3: The jungle by jeep, canoe, and elephant!

The jungle by jeep.

The dug out canoe that took us across the river into Chitwan.
Our driver managing the dirt roads in Chitwan National Park.
Monitor lizard.
Juvenile storks.
A menacing-looking crocodile regulating body temperature by keeping it's mouth open.
Boom! Rhino. He even smiled for the camera.
Gharial snouts.
The sun setting through elephant grass.

The jungle by elephant.

Our daily schedule posted on the board. It felt like we were at summer camp.
Out of the heavy fog, the giants came lumbering to pick us up.
First stop is a cool drink of water.

The two of us looking right at home on our elephant, Beauty.
The mahout climbing on board via the elephant's trunk.
It wasn't too long before we came across these two having breakfast.

Bree posing with the rhino.

Our elephant Beauty.

Bree gets a goodbye kiss.
After the elephants trudge through the jungle they are taken to the river for a bath. Tourists actually pay to join them.

The jungle by canoe.

We took a dug out canoe for an hour trip down the river.
Marshmugger or otherwise known as the flesheater, on the banks of the Buri Rapti.
We saw almost a dozen crocs. they just stared at us as we floated by. 

He doesn't think we see him.
After the canoe ride, we walked through more jungle. This is a termite mound, a favorite snack of the local sloth bear.

Water buffalo giving us the stink eye.
Crossing the bamboo and sandbag foot bridge.
Pony carts, which are taxi cabs for the locals.