Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kathmandu, Nepal, part 1

Kathmandu at dusk.
The hills around Kathmandu.
Orange Bougainvillea at Garden of Dreams, Kathmandu.

The area near the Kathesimbhu Stupa.

Durbar Square, Kathmandu.
Ladies selling good luck marigolds.

Freak Street was where all the hippies, including Bree's dad, hung out.

Holy shit, we saw the Metallica tour bus!

All the dust and exhaust along the road made Matt get all bandit-y. 
Nepali cover band playing The Doors, with a very Eddie Vedder-like vocalist.
Matt enjoying the rock.
So, it's been a week? Someone has probably made the observation that days become weeks pretty quickly in Kathmandu. I'm not sure how long my Dad was here, but we only have a 30 day visa. We're not even sure what we have been doing this past week, but it's been fun.

- Bree