Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pokhara, Nepal, part 2

The path down to the lake.
A typical Nepali restaurant.
Bree enjoying the rowboat ride.
Matt introspective on the rowboat.
Rowboats on Phewa Lake.
The main street in lakeside Pokhara.
Street in the outskirts of Pokhara.
Water buffalo in the front yard.
Pokhara at night.
Full moon over Pokhara. 
After sequestering ourselves on a mountain top for a few days we were ready to venture into town. From Raniban Retreat to the road is 500 steep rocky steps. After a short hike along the Peace Pagoda ridge we started down another 45 minutes of the same. We arrived at the bottom jelly-kneed, and took a row boat across the lake to town. The sales people spotted us as we approached and were ready for our disembarkment with their "hello lady, just look, nice things". I hate to use words like "vulture" when referring to people, I know they are just trying to make a living, but you do start to feel like a piece of meat (with a money belt). We were warned that when your bus arrives in Pokhara you will be met by hotel touts trying to take you to the wrong hotel. Despite that, I was not ready for the '28 days later' horde chasing our bus to its stopping point. I also feel bad because, yes, I do realize that the bracelet is $0.90 and I could buy 10, but we don't need it. After jettisoning unnecessary clothing in Beijing, donating our winter clothes to the porter clothing bank, and mailing our accumulated souvenirs home, we are down to one bag each. Matt's 50L is 85% camera gear, my 45L is 50% food, meds, first aid (more on what is still with us later). We don't have room for anything we don't need right now, no matter how much of a bargin it is.

- Bree