Monday, October 29, 2012

Krasnoyarsk, Russia

The view from town across the Yenisey River.
An old wooden house in Krasnoyarsk as snow falls.
Bree enjoying the snow flakes.
We again arrive into town on the night train, and set out for our day in Krasnayorsk before catching another overnighter. Unfortunately it was Monday, and all the museums and galleries are closed on mondays. (That's not entirely true, we did stumble upon the Museum of Literature about 10mins to closing time). Krasnayorsk is architecturally drab, but located at the foot of a mountain range, on a river. As we looked across the water to the growing developments creeping up the ski hill I felt a little homesick for North Vancouver. This may have been a great city, if not for the cold and the lack of activities. As it was, we visited three different cafes and really mastered our coffee ordering and menu reading techniques.

- Bree