Sunday, October 21, 2012

Moscow Day 4

The multilevel Izmaylovo Market
Izmaylovo Kremlin, a little Disney-esque
And popular with wedding parties, we saw 4 brides and their entourages just around the corner or on the other side of a bush from each other. 

The next morning we woke early to make it out to a giant flea market called Izmaylovo Market. In the front section was rows upon rows of nesting dolls and fur hats. As you got deeper there were miles of elderly russians selling personal items, antiques, art and army surplus. We knew we were no match for them in the bartering department and were content to just browse. We did buy a few souvenirs to ship home, only to find that  to ship $150 USD (the max allowed) of stuff would cost close to $200. We also got lost trying to find the UPS. Oh well. We had been too good at finding our way and getting by Moscow so far, and had started getting cocky. The city needed to show us who was boss.

The bustling river-front of Gorky Park. 
A double-decker carousel in Gorky Park.

The upside of getting lost was that we stumbled into Gorky Park. Unfortunately, it was not cold enough for all the walkways to be flooded and turned into one long network of ice skating paths (!!!). This would not work in central park, sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen. As if Matt didn't get enough of space yesterday, there was a scale model of a space shuttle. We were looking for the Fallen Monument Park but kept coming up to construction fencing. I guess we'll do that next trip (when we can also buy lots of soviet era memorabilia and antiques and just carry it all home).