Saturday, October 13, 2012

London, UK

London never ceases to overwhelm me, even coming from New York. It's so big and so expensive. I love it, but can't say I will ever wrap my head around it.

We had more bad news about our elusive chinese visas (I'm not risking detailing our saga on the web until we have the visas firmly in our hands, 5th time's a charm).

All was good as we stayed in Clapham South with my awesome cousin Emma and her man Dean, and danced with our lovely friend Sharkey in nearby Brixton. We got to see some children's theatre at Battersea Art Center called The Good Neighbor. If you are in the 'hood it is fun, It did involve some running around and crawling, but one of the "scenes" is possibly the most delightful theatrical experience I have had in ages. There is also an adult part, and they got free whiskey.

Apparently we were having too much fun to take pictures, so here is a gratuitous photo of our new niece:

- Bree