Friday, October 19, 2012

Moscow, Day 2

Kachapuri, Georgian pickles, Sulguni (pickled cheese) with tomatoes, fried Lavash, and kidney bean lobio.

Eliseevskiy Grocery Store, since 1890.

Today we decided to take a day off. We realized we had been travelling for two weeks and, since this is our only job now, we needed a weekend. First world problem I know. We did venture out eventually to wander the streets and then get a delicious Georgian dinner. They say Georgia is to Russia as Mexico is to America: we love their food and have bastardized versions of it in every city, but we would rather their people not come to our country. Khachapuri is georgian bread, shaped like a boat, filled with cheese and baked. When it comes out of the oven they crack an egg on top and immediately bring it to the table. Once there you kind of mix it up, and the egg cooks some, then you cut off pieces and share it. We are still working on getting a photo of one before we tuck in, but you can see the remnants of one on Matt's plate in the Georgian dinner photo. We had been warned that Moscow was extremely expensive. It is, but it's not exceedingly so for a couple of New Yorkers who were just visiting London. I can't imagine how we would have felt arriving in Moscow after India or SE Asia.