Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kiev to Moscow

We were pretty pleased with ourselves for getting to the Kiev train station, figuring out how to read the Russian train ticket, getting settled into the right seats, and even practicing some Russian with our elderly seat mates. Unfortunately all my well-rehearsed phrases went out the window when the stern baby-faced Russian customs guy came on the train at 2am and started barking orders at us. All I could say was "niet russkiy". He gave up on us, and then the immigration guy accepted our Amereeka passports with a sigh. 8hrs later we arrived in moscow and negotiated our way on the metro to the hostel. There are no English signs here, but we are getting good at putting Cyrillic letters to our phonetic directions and memorizing the order of the symbols "B with a hat, O, eLephant, SHleeping E"
More to come!

- Bree